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"Nessun dolore ѐ per sempre" in english means "no pain is forever". If you look at my wrist you will be able to see scars they are from self harming, i have been nearly completely clean for 3 years with maybe 2 relapses.. 

to me this tattoo means no matter how horrible im feeling in that moment that pain will pass and it can only ever stop hurting as much and to remind me that this pain as bad as it feels now is only temporary.. and to remind myself not to self harm..

This is a message to all you lovely people out there struggling, you can recover self harm isn’t the only option, and remember, no pain will ever be as painful in one moment forever, the pain will always lessen as time goes on xx

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One by One

I wrote some poetry at 5:50 am

As the pale sky grew grayer, it lost its streaks of the early pink
One by one
The street lamps would fade, shining into nothing
One by one
The birds would begin to flutter, the wind would take them anywhere
One by one
Each person began to groggily stir, waking up to yet another day
One by one.




#This is a hardcore copsplay because it would imply Mystique killed you and took your con pass

that is literally fucking boss

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"To be, …OR NAH?"

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yes i am here

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when bae is on her period clairv0yanc3 #clairv0yanc3

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